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There is a thief hiding under the door. Explanation: I can't see anything weird, except for the fan facing the drawers. But then probably it was switched off while it was on the swing. Though I have no idea why would anyone put it on swing is that room. Logically it should have been facing the bed. So I deduce that someone was taking a long time going through the drawers so he pointed the fan towards the drawers. Now, if it had been the owner, he would have known where he put things, but since this guy was there for long enough to need the fan, I deduce he was thief looking for valuables. The window is sealed with some king of net (to keep mosquitoes out I guess (which tells us that this room is in a dirty locality)) so, the thief must have come through the door. But the thief has not stolen what is on top the drawer cabinet. That tells us that he was disturbed in the middle of his work. That means someone walked through the door which was his only escape route. So what does a trapped thief do when his only escape route is blocked? He hides. There is only one place to hide here that is under the bed. So we have conclusively proved that there is a thief hiding under that bed. Now, you can shit bricks.

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